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Dos and Don'ts for the Immediate Care of a Drunk Person


Stay calm and try not to appear upset.
Be careful when approaching them for a drunk person can be physically aggressive.
Before approaching, explain what you intend to do in a clear, firm and reassuring manner.
Try to keep the person still, and take their keys so they will not be able to drive home.


Don't give the person any drugs (even aspirin).
Don't give the person coffee, tea or any other food or liquid.
Don't give them a cold shower - the shock could cause them to pass out and injure themselves.
Don't try to walk, run, or exercise the person.
Don't attempt to keep the person awake.
Don't try to constrain the person.

If the person is unconscious or semi-conscious:

In any instance where a person seems to be in a medically dangerous condition (being injured, unable to breath, passed out and having low or no respiration) call 911. The person may turn out not to need it, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. If the person is unmanageable (aggressive, etc), it is appropriate to call the police for help.

When you call for help:
Identify yourself.
State your problem and what you feel you need.
Give your specific location and your phone number (and be there when help arrives, if at all possible).